Amy grew up in Sidcombe so she knows the legend.
What she doesn’t know is that her boyfriend, Ryan, has a secret

and it’s a secret that may get them both killed.

Amy thinks the biggest problem she has to face is that her boyfriend is bored of living in a quiet seaside town and wants to move to London.

But when her friends begin disappearing during the preparations for the annual Scareycrow Celebrations she suspects there is a connection with the mysterious accident that left a local girl close to death the year before.

Soon she begins to suspect that her boyfriend is hiding a dark secret but she still has no idea that the town is about to be overrun by homicidal Scareycrows.

Scareycrows Cast

Alice Maguire

Tom Child

Martin Challinor

Ben Gilbert

Jessica Sargent

Rowena Diamond

April Hughes

Richard Warrick

James Bush

Jake Francis

Emily Carding

Jimmy Bennet

Anne Jones

Will Hudson

Annabel Pemberton

Julian Seager

Scareycrows Supporters


  • Devon Contract Waste

  • Pavilion Entertainments, Dawlish

  • Force and Sons Estate Agents

  • The Lansdowne, Dawlish Warren